Overview of the Slot Machine Forgotten Island Megaways

Unlike their debut Megaways-powered slot, Shamrock Holmes, Forgotten Island Megaways is a whole other animal. While the Irish motif is more prevalent in the former, giant apes also appear in a number of slot machine games. The two games share more similarities than differences, aside from their respective themes and minor features. It seems that All41 was just as careful with their second Megaways slot as they were with the first. The end product is a fun, competent Kong game that meets expectations but isn’t going to revolutionize the gaming industry.

Forgotten Island Megaways seems like the kind of place where a monster like King Kong would live, on a place called Skull Island. A place where giant gorillas and dinosaurs coexist with other monstrous beasts of the earth. Forgotten Island Megaways by All41 is based, however loosely, on the well-known fable, so you may occasionally recall the story while you play. The 6 reel gaming area is set in an exotic island with waterfalls, tropical plants, and a gorilla that is more lifelike in size than Kong.

Forgotten Island Megaways may be played on any device with wagers ranging from 20 cents to $20. The game has a very volatile mathematical model, but the hit rate is pretty high at 33.66%, so in theory you should win around every third spin. As we’ll see, even wins from a single spin are amazing. Another plus is the return on investment (RTP), which at 96.25 percent is much above the norm for the business sector.

In Forgotten Island Megaways, you win if three or more identical symbols line up horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, beginning with reel 1. One thing is different, though. Even if only two of the highest-paying skull symbols appear, you’ll still win. Six of a type earns 50 times the wager, and the highest paying symbols are the premium books, lanterns, and hooks. Valued at 2–5 times the initial wager. Royal 9s are the lowest paying hand, and they are etched into a turquoise rock. When exploring unfamiliar territory like Forgotten Island, a compass is an absolute must; it may also be used as a wild card and increase your chances of winning. This wild compass can be used in place of any other icon besides the scatter.

Features of the Slot Machine Forgotten Island Megaways

There are three bonuses that will help players make the most of their time on Forgotten Island. These include the ever-increasing win multiplier of Free Spins, as well as the Rolling Reels and Kong Spins features. Both the regular and bonus games feature Rolling Reels, which are activated whenever a player has a winning spin. The winning symbols are removed by the mechanism, and replacements fall into the empty spots. Since Rolling Reels keeps spinning until no more winning combinations appear, this might result in a string of wins.

Every winning spin in the main game has a chance of randomly activating Kong Spins. When Kong comes to life, your wins are increased by 2, 3, 5, or 10 times. Thereafter, the multiplier will rise by 1 with each subsequent Rolling Reels. When no further wins occur during Rolling Reels, the win multiplier is reset and the game returns to normal. Kong Spins might award you with a number of free games. If this occurs, the current win multiplier will be used in the bonus round as well.

The Kong face-close-up serves as the dispersion. If you get 4 of these symbols, you’ll get 10 free spins, and if you get an additional scatter, you’ll get 2 more free spins to start the round. The feature’s original win multiplier of x2 returns and remains in effect for the length of the bonus round. Similar to Kong Spins, each successive winning Rolling Reels session will boost the multiplier by 1. The multiplier has no upper limit and remains in place for the whole duration of the free spins feature. If four scatters appear on the bonus reel, an additional four free spins will be awarded.

Finally, in some cases, players may be able to pay to access the bonus round. The costs and advantages of the three possibilities are different:

Ten free spins with a multiplier of x2 are available for an investment of 80x the bet.

Ten free spins with a multiplier of x3 or x5 may be purchased for 120x the wager.

You may buy 10 free spins at a multiplier of either x5 or x10 for 150x your original bet.

The two costlier multipliers are spun in front of the grid, and the one with the highest number is selected to begin the round.

Slot Evaluation of “Forgotten Island Megaways”

Like with Shamrock Holmes, All41 has taken the conservative route by going with a concept that isn’t too out there. Gorilla-themed slot machines are common and so highly sought after. Megaways games have been developed using gorillas as a central character. If you’re looking for something truly unique, I recommend Blueprint Gaming’s Gorilla Gold Megaways, which features four reels that spin at the same time.

In comparison, Forgotten Island Megaways provides nothing even close to ground-breaking. However, that may be OK, as some gamers would rather stick to the gaming style they’re used to. Everything on Forgotten Island is standard issue Megaways equipment with the exception of the Kong Spins. Wins of up to 7,000 times the initial wager are attainable on a single spin, so potential isn’t an issue.

Forgotten Island Megaways stands as good a chance as any to amuse if familiarity is valued above originality. It looks the part, has Megaway functionality, and has great potential. Aside than that, there is nothing novel here to encourage more research.

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